About Spencer

Spencer will Energize Nebraska

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Some of the most vulnerable small business owners in Nebraska are Nebraska’s most successful exporters – farmers. With rising interest rates, property taxes and our governments’ trade wars,  Nebraska produces are significantly getting squeezed. Drawing on his experience managing the City of Omaha’s Small and Emerging Small Business Program, Spencer has conducted various small business startup and financial literacy classes, built workforce development initiatives, and partnered with organizations to develop business finance programs. With this experience and being a successful small business owner, Spencer has proven he is the candidate that will energize Nebraska small businesses.

Spencer will Protect the Vote

Voting is a right, NOT a privilege. The number one responsibility of the Secretary of State is to maximize eligible voter engagement and participation in our democracy. Luckily, Spencer is no stranger to voter engagement. He has volunteered his time with non-profits and political campaigns to connect new and existing voters. He has developed programs to educate, motivate, and mobilize low-propensity voters which resulted in a rise in new registrants and increased minority turnout. As Secretary of State, Spencer will be a voting rights champion and work hard to ensure all eligible voters exercise their constitutional right to vote.

Be Bold          Be Brave          Be Kind