Meet Spencer

Drawing on his experience creating inclusive emerging small-business entrepreneurship and workforce development programs to stimulate economic opportunity for Nebraskans, Danner will focus on opportunities that attract and retain both businesses and individuals to Nebraska by providing them with the resources and protections they need for generating sustainability and success.

Danner has been an impactful voice for community development both locally and nationally, promoting reinvestment and revitalization in both the private and public sector. He has been involved on community boards and committees focusing on entrepreneurship, youth civic engagement, advocacy, and job creation.

A disabled Air Force veteran, Danner is committed to expanding resources for other disabled Nebraskans. He is continuing his family’s tradition of public service, as the great-grandson of legendary Nebraska Senator Edward R. Danner and the grandson of a union president.

Nebraskans must have confidence that the leaders they elect stand for something. As Secretary of State, Spencer Danner will be ready to challenge anyone looking to divide our democracy and will take a stand against those who look to suppress our voice.