Voter Guide

Modernize Voter Registration & Accessibility

  • I support automatic voter registration.
  • I will expand secure signature verification and paper ballot tracking.
  • I will allow 16 and 17 year old pre-voter registrations.
  • I will partner with county election officials to ensure seamless election day preparation.
  • I will extend voter registration periods.
  • I will improve the voting process for individuals with disabilities.
  • I will adopt an innovative electronic registration process of verifying voter eligibility from databases across the country.

Advance Economic & Civic Responsibility

  • I support reducing the waiting time for individuals with criminal backgrounds to vote.
  • I will simplify opportunities to start and do business in Nebraska.
  • I will strengthen agricultural relationships and promote commodity exports.
  • I will promote commerce, educational studies and cultural exchanges between Nebraska and the world.
  • I will streamline business services online platforms.
  • I will prioritize public safety and commit to restorative justice measures.
  • I will promote youth engagement and civic education.
    • Good citizen program
    • Future leaders program

Preserve Election Integrity & Security

  • I support common sense nonpartisan redistricting measures.
  • I will secure Nebraska’s voter data and the data manipulation from both foreign and domestic interference.
  • I will partner with County Election officers and the Nebraska Legislature to streamline voter authentication of voter rolls.
  • I will safeguard clean and accurate voter rolls.
  • I will test and validate machine accuracy and election security before and after election day.
  • I will replace antiquated voting machines and systems with up-to-date technology and processes.
  • I will protect and deter acts of fraud.
    • Cyberspace interference
    • Message manipulation
    • Penalize those who commit egregious acts of voter fraud